Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mooboxed

Mooboxed is a curated experience of Korea delivered to your doorstep. We offer three unique boxes: the Korean Treat Box, the Korean Self-Care Box and the K-wave Box. Each are tailored to bring you the best of Korean snacks, beauty products and cultural treasures.

How does Mooboxed work

Select your preferred box and we'll deliver a handpicked selection of Korean delights to you. No subscription required – order when you want to experience the magic of Korea. Simply explore our shop, choose your box and let the journey begin!

Can I customize the contents of my box

At the moment, we curate each box to ensure a delightful and well-rounded experience. However, we are working on introducing customization options in the future to cater to your unique preferences.

Is there a subscription commitment

Nope! Enjoy the flexibility of ordering without a subscription. If you fall in love with Mooboxed and want a monthly surprise, we will be thrilled to have you join our subscription service when it becomes available.

How often do you release new boxes

We release new boxes regularly to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Keep an eye on our website and social media for announcements about upcoming releases and limited-edition boxes.

Do you ship internationally

Absolutely! We offer global shipping. Wherever you are, we will bring the taste, beauty and culture of Korea to your doorstep.

What is inside each box

Each box is a carefully curated experience. The Korean Treat Box features a mix of snacks, K-merchandise and skincare. The Korean Self-Care Box focuses on skincare and cosmetics. Please check each product description for the list of exact items.

How can I contact customer support

For any questions, concerns, or assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at We're here to help and ensure you have the best Mooboxed experience!

What is the shipping cost

Shipping costs vary based on your location. You can find detailed information on shipping costs during the checkout process.

How can I track my order

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. Use this to track your Mooboxed adventure and know exactly when to expect your delivery.

Questions? Contact us for answers!