Welcome to Mooboxed

where every box tells a story of discovery, passion and a love for all things Korean!

Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: Why not share the joy of trying new things with the world?

Inspired by our love for Korea, its vibrant snacks, beauty treasures and cultural wonders, Mooboxed was born.

  • Our Global Connection

    While the majority of our founders reside in the heart of Korea, we are a diverse team with a global outlook. The unique blend of cultures and nationalities among our founders enriches our perspectives, ensuring that Mooboxed is a truly international experience.

  • In line with Boxpacker Korea

    Rooted in the spirit of Boxpacker Korea, our sister venture, Mooboxed aligns seamlessly with the art of packing wonders into boxes. It is a natural extension of our dedication to delivering joy, surprises and a piece of Korea to your doorstep.

    Your Gateway to Korea’s Best with Care 
  • A Personal Touch

    Living in Korea, our founders have been immersed in the magic of Korean items, often sharing these treasures with friends and family around the world. This universal appeal led to the creation of Mooboxed, a platform to extend the Korean experience to a global audience.

Meet MooMoo, Our Beloved Mascot

At the heart of Mooboxed is MooMoo, the adorable dog belonging to our owners. MooMoo, with his wagging tail and lovable spirit, symbolizes the warmth and joy we aim to bring into every box. He is not just a mascot. He is family and his paw of approval ensures that every Mooboxed experience is filled with love.

Join Our Global Journey!

Mooboxed is more than a box. It is an invitation to explore, indulge and savor the flavors, beauty and culture of Korea. As we share our discoveries, we celebrate the richness that our diverse team brings to the table. Whether you're a seasoned K-culture enthusiast or a curious newcomer, there is a piece of Korea waiting for you in every Mooboxed.